Previous Models

Former Speedwire Products That Have Been Replaced

Previous Models

Former Speedwire Products That Have Been Replaced
Speedwire's Six Relay Board and Controller

On this page, you’ll find images of our past models. All have been upgraded and superceded by our new line of products; however, note that we always offer service and support on all models no matter what year their production.

Rally Cars and Off Road

Built for adventure...

We have built electrical systems for all off-road and rally applications, all over the world from Japan to Brazil, with proven results. These systems are custom built using our switch panels and relay controllers. Give us a call or an email to further discuss your needs.

  • Drift Cars
    Have a drift car you are building? No problem, we have done many drift car combinations. These system are made to order and can be adapted to suit your needs, using our switch panels and relay controllers.

Naturally Aspirated

Speedwire naturally aspirated all motor systems.
Naturally Aspirated

These systems can suit any individual needs. We have examples of the various combinations we can have between switch panels and relay controllers to meet any requirements, whether it be for race car, rally car, drift car, etc. For naturally aspirated race cars, depending on your switched requirements we can have a 6, 8, or even a 10 switch panel for the top sportsman racer.

Please call us for more information and we can guide you as to what will work best for you. Our staff knows race car wiring and we have done so many systems with different combinations that we will ensure you make the right purchase the first time.

Blower / Turbo / Supercharged

Speedwire Systems for Blower / Turbo / Supercharged Systems!
Blower Turbo Supercharged Cars

These systems can be made for any turbo or supercharged application, whether it be alcohol or gas. Most alcohol systems will have our 6 switch panel that can be made with or without the MAG button. For gas vehicles running fans, water pumps, etc., the 8 switch panel is the more common one we sell.

  • Alcohol system
    This system is our most popular 6 switch panel and 8 relay controller. The switch panel can be made any way and labelled as needed. Switch panels can have the MAG button optional added to the switch panel. Our 8 relay controller will provide all the switched power. Measuring only 4.5 by 5 inches, it is our most compact relay controller. It can also be configured to have a boost arming interrupt circuit, which may be needed for EFI systems that need this function for data logging or traction control.
  • Gas system with rad and fan

In Dash Switch Panels

State-of-the-Art In Dash Switch Panels
In Dash Switch Panels

Our in dash switch panels come in 3 or 8 switch panel configurations, rocker switch, toggle, or push button. Rocker switches can be custom labelled as needed. Toggle switch can have custom laser etch wording on front plate and have LED indication showing the ON status.

All switch panels are water resistant with sealing O-ring and are made of billet aluminium anodized black. The data cable exiting the rear of the switch panel connects to any of our 8 or 14 relay boards.

In addition we can also incorporate a battery shut off button in the switch panel when using our battery shut off relay.

Switch Panels

Speedwire Systems State-of-the-Art Switch Panels

This is our newest addition to our switch panels. They are CNC machined out of billet aluminium and anodized black. They are made in a 6, 8, and 10 switch configuration. We also have small lightweight aluminium billet brackets to mount switch panel to roll cages. Most roll cages require 1 5/8 bracket; however, upon request, we do have various sizes to suit your specific needs.

We also have an optional LED interior light that is at the bottom of the switch panel, with its own tiny toggle switch. This light comes in handy for night racing; no need to have your crew member bring a flash light to look inside the car, as this LED light is bright enough to brighten any interior. And we now offer back light laser etched switch covers, with custom switch cover engraving.

There are also in-dash roll bar mount switch panels as pictured here on this page. And [...]

Single and Dual Relay Modules

Available individual or in four bay packs
70 amp relay module

These remote modules can be used for any application; for example, high amp fuel pump, nitrous stages, bottle heaters…etc.

Six Relay Controller

Lightweight six circuit controller
6 relay controller

This is our workhorse power distribution relay controller. Each circuit is built to handle 50-70 amps, and can handle more than 200 amps.

Measuring 8.5 by 5 inches, this controller has been used for high power applications, commercial industry, racing, and off road vehicles. With endless configurations, it can be adapted to fit any requirements. It is the controller to win the five vehicle DAKAR RALLY RACE championship, enduring a 3000 mile race in the harshest environment. It can be used with any switch panel configuration.

Eight Relay Controller

Lightweight eight circuit controller
Eight Circuit Controller

This is our lightest, smallest relay controller, measuring 4.5 by 5 inches. Don’t let this small package fool you—it has all the capability and power needed, used in many applications, including some of the world’s fastest PRO MOD cars. This controller can be adapted for any application and can be configured to work with your needs. It can be used with any switch panel configuration.

14 Relay Controller

Our flagship control board system with Switch Panel.
Main Control Board System

Measuring 8.5 by 5 inches, this compact high power relay controller has all the features many racers can appreciate. It has been used in the world’s fastest 10.5, drag radial, and promod cars.

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