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Product Description

This is our newest addition to our switch panels. They are CNC machined out of billet aluminium and anodized black. They are made in a 6, 8, and 10 switch configuration. We also have small lightweight aluminium billet brackets to mount switch panel to roll cages. Most roll cages require 1 5/8 bracket; however, upon request, we do have various sizes to suit your specific needs.

We also have an optional LED interior light that is at the bottom of the switch panel, with its own tiny toggle switch. This light comes in handy for night racing; no need to have your crew member bring a flash light to look inside the car, as this LED light is bright enough to brighten any interior. And we now offer back light laser etched switch covers, with custom switch cover engraving.

There are also in-dash roll bar mount switch panels as pictured here on this page. And we now offer a battery shut off button in the switch panel, and a three rocker switch with red button panel.


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