Just a few of the Incredible Vehicles Using Speedwire Systems

Dina Parise Racing Promod Cadillac

  • Champion Promod team

Team Kamaz Racing (Dakar Rally)

  • 24-hr race, 3000 mile endurance
  • Using Speedwire Systems in all Kamaz racing trucks

Speedwire Firebird

  • Beverly Hills Auto and Speedwire Systems Promod Firebird twin turbo alcohol
  • we race what we sell with proven results. Co-owned and Driven by Mike Yedgarian
  • Best E.T. so far 5.87 @ 247mph
  • Running all our latest products and used to test any future products

Owner: Jun Kurihara

  • Daigo’s GTR in Japan

Owner: Nicholas Traverso

  • Rally Competition, Peru, South America

Scott Wagner

  • Winner Best Engineered at the NHRA Heartland National, May 2017

Owner: Tony Tsitouras

  • South Australia

Owner: Barry Michell

Owner: Jeff Luts

  • 57 Chev
  • Drag Week
  • Promod

Owner: Derek Peppers

  • SCSN 275, Radial

Owner: Jason Harris

  • Nitrous Promod

Owner: Fiscus-Klugger

  • Drag Radial Mustang
  • Promod

Owner: Dina Parise

  • 2015 Promod Champion

Owner: Dewayne Mills

Owner: Danny Perri

  • Promod

Owner: Randy Wetherford

  • Pro Nitrous

Owner: Stevie Jackson

  • Nitrous Promod

Owner: Roger Holder

Owner: Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws

Owner: Kye Kelly from Street Outlaws

Owner: Scott Taylor aka John Doe from Street Outlaws

Owner: Street Outlaws GMC Sonoma

Owner: Travis Burger

Owner: Jacky McCarty

  • SCSN 275

Owner: Daniel Pharris

  • 315 Radial

Owner: Scott Coxwell

  • Nitrous Mud Truck Install

Owner: Anthony Disomma

Owner: Marty Stinnett

Owner: Kevin Mullins

Owner: Nick Agostino

Owner: Jimmy Luongo

Owner: Gen Musto

  • Pro nitrous class

Owner: Jay Cox

  • Runs in pro nitrous class

Owners: Jason Harris & Robert Hays

  • PDRA Champion
  • Pro nitrous class

Owner: Dean Marinis

  • Runs X-275
  • Record holder for his class at 4.52 seconds

Owner: Bruce Johnson

  • Runs in radial class

Owner: Keith Haney

  • Pro Modified class and has gone 3.95 @ 188 mph

Check out this video

Owner: John Spencer

  • Phoenix, AZ

Owner: Scott Blake

  • Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Owner: Paul Pommerich

Owner: Jassim

Owner: Shawn Ayers

  • Winner of Holly spring race in x-275

Check out these videos:
In car footage
A 4.67 run

Owner: 4 States Performance Alabama

  • Ragin Cajun and MTM outlaw pro stock dragsters

Owner: Rick Devito

  • Ford Ranchero

Owner: Justin Wake

  • Hairy Glass ’68 Camaro
  • Pro Slammers Class, 6.77 @ 202. with 1/8th mile @ 4.36

Owner: Vince Palazzolo

  • X275 Mustang

Owner: Jeremy Pulse

  • Throttle Down Customs

Owner: Tommy Franklin

  • ADRL nitrous class

Owner: Andy Horne

  • Winner of Mid Michigan Raceway divisional race

Owner: John Carinci

  • Yellow Firebird
  • Outlaw 10.5 Corvette

Owner: Ninio Meglio

  • 2010 CSCN EZ Street Champion

Owner: Robert Zarcone

  • Toronto, Canada

Owner: Steve Higel

  • Mustang

Owner: Judson Massengill
The School of Automotive Machinists

  • LSX All Motor Champion
  • 2012 NMCA World Finals in Indianapolis, IN

Owner: Wes Whittle

Owner: Pete Bonafied

  • Daytona Beach, Florida

Owner: Gary Vance

  • Set track record pro street ozark raceway park 4.394 @ 166.98
  • Runner-upped at the street machine nationals, Compton, CA

Owner: Nick Boudreau

Owner: Sergio Longo Racing

  • Some timeslips are R/T. .580 60’ 1.244 330. 3.329 1/8. 5.027 MPH. 146.24 1000. 6.487 ¼. 7.722 MPH. 187.96

Owner: Artis Houston

  • Compton, California

Owner: Dan Smith

  • Outlaw 10.5

Owner: Coby Rabon

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Bryan Markiewicz

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Ron Slesengger

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Kevin Fiscus

  • Proline Racing

Owners: Petty and Lynch

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Danny Lowrey

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Jason Enos

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Steve Lazzaro

  • Proline Racing

Owner: Jim Howe

  • Tennessee, USA
  • Outlaw 10.5

I-40 Dragway

Owner: Scott Oksas

  • PSCA Pro Street class

Owner: Blankenship

  • Drag radial class

Owner: Terry Barkley

Owner: Brian Wilson

  • NMRA Hot Street Class

Owner: Luis Custodio

  • Outlaw 10.5

Owner: Erik Odom

  • PSCA outlaw 10.5

Owner: Roy Moznik

Owner: Dale Moznik

  • Won the SCSN Outlaw 10.5 race in Vegas
  • Ran a 6.73 @ 207MPH

Owner: Dave Bowman

Owners: Yvonne and Mike Lucas

  • West Coast Pro Mod Association, NPSA, and PSCA

Owner: George Thomson

  • Alberta, Canada
  • Runs 8’s at +150mph
  • Not too shabby for a 6 cylinder 3500 lb. street legal,
    fully upholstered, and with power windows!

Owner: B & B Race Cars

  • Darren Breaud
  • His GTO is known for the fastest small block true 10.5 car

Owner: SMS Racing Team

  • Salah M. Salahaddin from SMS wins first Place 10.5 Outlaw!
  • Special thanks to Steve Johnson and all the SMS team members
  • Ahmed M. Qahraman: Team manager & Crew chief
  • Running Speedwire 4 Stage System

Owner: BMW

  • BMW running Speedwire Systems!
  • 2nd place for the Targa rally race in their division

Owner: Clint Lonon

  • Fastest SnowBird Nationals NOS car on a Single Bar Plate…
  • First SB/NOS car to go 4.90’s on 275 Radials and 1 stage
  • Tomato Nationals – 275 Real Street Win
  • Won 3 or 4 races in a row – big congrats to Clint and his team!
  • Set the class record – 5.25 @ 133 during 1st round eliminations and ran a 5.27 in the finals for the win. #1 Qualifier, Low E.T., Top MPH, and the event WIN
  • Quickest small block nitrous combo in ultimate street trim 5.13 @ 135mph

Check out the video:
X275 at Sunshine Dragstrip – June 4, 2011
They are in the video at the following marks:
@ 18-24 seconds – Opening segment of video
@ 2:28min – 1st round of eliminations (right lane)
@ 3:27min – 2nd round of eliminations (right lane)
@ 4:38min – semi-finals (right lane)
@ 4:54min – finals (right lane)

Owner: Mike Yedgarian

  • NMCA Super Street 10.5
  • Ran 6.67 @ 218mph
  • New personal best time and track record for 10.5 class
  • Won 2011 CSCN, with twin turbo silver camaro
  • Outlaw 10.5 class 6.48 @ 235mph

Owner: Dave Boles

  • 3 stage system PSCA outlaw 10.5

Owner: Tom Rainer

  • Georgia, USA
  • Runs big block twin turbo in ORSCA Limited street class
  • Running Speedwire Systems controller

Owner: Larry Drake

Owner: Steven Romeo

  • Pennsylvania, USA
  • 968 ss396 Chevelle
  • Run in the 8.50 1/4 class at atco raceway
  • And Super Street in The Clash of the Titans racing series
  • Running Speedwire Systems controller

Owners: Brian Felder and Roger Arens

Check out this video of one of their passes.

Owner: Emidio Catalano

Owners: Mat and Jay Scranton

Owner: Shawn Morrel

Owner: Joe Garza

  • NMRA Hot Street

Owner: Luciano Vitelli

  • 1996 Mustang
  • Street eliminator record holder
  • 2005 street eliminator champion
  • Currently racing OSCA Pro Stock Class
  • Running Speedwire Systems Main Board

Owner: John Carinci

  • 1970 cuda outlaw 10.5
  • Running complete Speedwire system with 4 stage controller.
  • 2006 CFSC shootout champion.
  • First nitrous car into the 6’s in Canada
  • 2005 EZ Street record holder and champion with OSCA
  • Consistent 6 second passes
  • The fastest nitrous 10.5 car in Canada—6.81 @ 204 mph

Owner: Brendon Nguyen

Owner: Ben Frazer

  • 2007 Clash of the Titans Cheap Street Champion
  • Texas
  • Running Speedwire Systems Main Board Controller
  • Thanks out to C & T Racecars of Houston

Owners: George and Mark Azevelo

  • EZ STREET class
  • Running Speedwire Systems Main Board and Nitrous Controller

Owner: Bob Kernwein

  • Nostalgia pro street NMCA Chicago Mustang
  • Running Speedwire Systems Main Board Controller

Owner: Gino Cavaliere

  • 1986 Mustang
  • Outlaw 10.5 single turbo
  • Running complete Speedwire Systems with 2 stage controller
  • Ran 6 second passes at the Canadian Fastest Street Car Shoot Out

Owner: Mike Papadakis

  • Twin turbo fox body Mustang Prostreet Outlaw Class
  • Running Speedwire Systems Main Board


  • Fox body Mustang EZ Street Class
  • Running complete Speedwire Systems with 2 stage controller

Owners: Ernie and Frank Pompilio

Congratulations!!!! September 8th, 2007 Race Wars 3 Winner! Pompilio Wins at Milan Raceway

While at Performance World 2007, the Pompilio’s brought home:

  • 2007 best engineered car at the show
  • Super Pro Bodied – Salute to Drag Racing
  • Best First Time Shown
  • Best Engine
  • Best Ford
  • Top 10

Check out this video of the Pompilio 1967 Outlaw Mustang: 6.90 @ 230 MPH!

Owner: Carl Spiering

  • Carl Spiering from ERD
  • Speedwire Systems with two-stage nitrous controller
  • Installed on ERD’s DTS Dyno

Owner: Luis Custodio

  • Outlaw 10.5 Camaro
  • Running Speedwire Systems with nitrous controller

Owner: Roger Holder

  • Radial Tire Nova in PSCA
  • Bakersfield, California
  • Running Speedwire Systems with 4 stage Nitrous Controller
  • West Coast Hot Rod True 10.5 championship
  • Pacific Street Car Association Extreme Street championship
  • Set the ET & MPH record for WCHRA 7.61 @ 184
  • Street Car Super Nationals in Extreme Drag Radial champion
  • 1st place extreme drag radial PSCA west coast shootout: July 08
  • Holds the 1/8 mile reord for PSCA 4.89@152
  • Extreme street PSCA 2009 Champion
  • Just ran 7.36 at 175.30

Owner Yvonne and Crewchief Mike Lucas

  • Chevy 2 in PSCA Outlaw 10.5
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Running Speedwire Systems 4 stage nitrous controller

Owner: Don Murray “Draggin Don”

  • ’63 Corvette
  • Surrey, Britsh Colombia
  • Pro street, Promod class
  • Running Speedwire Systems main controller

Owner: Joey Kenville

  • Limited Street Class
  • US Performance Ultimate Street series
  • Running Speedwire Systems with nitrous controller

Owner: Roy Greenawalt

  • Oceanside, California
  • PSCA
  • Running Speedwire Systems main controller

Owner: Jim Cushman

  • SSO Turbo Mustang
  • Running Speedwire Systems main controller

Owner: Rich Zehring

  • PSCA 2006 champion, outlaw 10.5
  • Running Speedwire Systems main controller
  • PSCA West coast shootout, July 2008 1st place, outlaw 10.5
  • PSCA 2009 runner up, outlaw 10.5

Owners: Gino Cavaliere and Mike Yedgarian

  • Outlaw 10.5 single turbo Mustang
  • Running Speedwire Systems with 2 stage controller for turbo

Owner: Doug Sikora

  • Outlaw 10.5 in PSCA
  • Running Speedwire system
  • Procharger and a great pass of 6.95 first time out.
  • Doug ran a personal best 6.67 @ 210 MPH
  • Winner of PSCA California Shootout 10.5 Race
  • PSCA West coast shootout, July 2008 2nd place, outlaw 10.5
  • Winner of 1320x race
  • 2009 Outlaw 10.5 PSCA Final Champion

Check out the video:
Personal Best 4.20 1/8 MILE ET

Owner: Alex Tsagaris

  • Bass boat running Speedwire Systems

Owner: Dee Phinster

  • 632inch Big Chief, Single Carb w/Nitrous on Stock Suspension
  • Best run of 7.87 @ 182.77 on a 275/60/15 M/T Drag Radial
  • Won the PSCA event in Fontana Ca May 09 in Wild Street
  • Won the WCHRA season opener in Febuary 09
  • Currently has the points lead in both West Coast Hot Rod, and PSCA
  • Wild street PSCA 2009 Champion

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