Speedwire Swag

Get all decked out in Speedwire Systems gear...

Speedwire Swag

Get all decked out in Speedwire Systems gear...

Shirts, stickers, etc. Details coming soon!

Aerospace F1 Connector

Speedwire's newest optional connector!
Aerospace F1 Connector

Check out Speedwire’s newest optional connector: the Aerospace F1!

Note: optional only on the 12 relay controller.

Pictured is main control board system with aerospace F1 connector, which now utilizes a larger amperage output as well as having provisions to help with reverse polarity protection. For more details on the main control board system, click here.

Speedwire Battery Watch Dog

Battery Monitor Module
Battery Monitor Module

Speedwire Systems battery monitor module monitors the battery voltage and in the event that during vehicle storage or prolonged parking periods the threshold reaches below 11.7 volts for 45 seconds it will disconnect the power.

It will disconnect the battery power through a heavy duty latching relay in the vehicle. This will allow the user to have enough battery power to start the vehicle, avoiding the need for a tow truck or boost from another vehicle or battery.

Once the disconnect has occurred, by pressing the switch installed in the vehicle it will re-latch the solenoid and will be able to start the vehicle with your ignition key input as normal.

It has LED status for battery power input and on /off latching available for visual inspection and operation.

It has built in safety feature for reverse polarity. The battery monitor will ignore battery voltage disconnect once an ignition input is present in the [...]

Switch Panel Brackets

Mount switch panel or others
Billet Brackets

Billet Aluminum: These brackets come in the more popular 1-5/8” ID, but other sizes are available on request. These mounting brackets can be used to mount switch panel and other components to roll bar.

Switch Panel LED Light

Sleek LED Light for Easy Viewing

This added option can be done with any switch panel. Racing at night, need to shed some light? This super bright LED interior light bar is a great add on feature that will brighten your night racing.

500 Amp Remote Relay Shut Off

Main power disconnect for race cars with front battery location

This relay can be used for main power disconnect for race cars with front battery location. A switch in the rear can be used to trigger this relay with only small trigger wires, eliminating the bulky heavy battery cable running from the rear to the front. This relay would be located in the front near the battery. This relay is capable of 500 amps continuous and 2000 amps in rush current, with a small package measuring 2.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. It is the most rugged reliable heavy amperage relay used. This relay is also used in our commercial applications. Picture is shown with optional shut off button.

Wire Kits

Extra Wire for All Your Electrical Needs
Speedwire Systems Wire Kits

We have put together a wire kit that will help any racer or builder wire a car with the same high quality components we use to wire cars. We can also provide you with tools for crimping. Our wire is a thin wall, light weight, high heat, and oil resistant covering that cannot be found at your local automotive store. We use brazed joined eyelet connectors, and dual wall heat shrink tubing. High quality flame retardant wire loom in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 inch wire spools in 100ft lengths are also available. Whatever your wiring needs are, Speedwire Systems has what you need!

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