Speedwire Battery Watch Dog

Battery Monitor Module

Battery Monitor Module

Product Description

Speedwire Systems battery monitor module monitors the battery voltage and in the event that during vehicle storage or prolonged parking periods the threshold reaches below 11.7 volts for 45 seconds it will disconnect the power.

It will disconnect the battery power through a heavy duty latching relay in the vehicle. This will allow the user to have enough battery power to start the vehicle, avoiding the need for a tow truck or boost from another vehicle or battery.

Once the disconnect has occurred, by pressing the switch installed in the vehicle it will re-latch the solenoid and will be able to start the vehicle with your ignition key input as normal.

It has LED status for battery power input and on /off latching available for visual inspection and operation.

It has built in safety feature for reverse polarity. The battery monitor will ignore battery voltage disconnect once an ignition input is present in the event that while driving the alternator does not charge and allows the battery voltage below 11.7, it will not disconnect allowing you to continue driving to the nearest service station for repair.

The battery monitor and 500 amp latching relay can operate for 12 and 24 volt systems.


  • Less down time for employees and employers
  • Mobility of vehicle for long storage periods in remote areas
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Reduces maintenance calls for dead batteries, or boost service calls
  • Can be used on fleet vehicles, transit, or construction equipment
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